Supply, installation and maintenance of phone systems

The UNIVERGE SV8100 communication server is the ideal system for businesses that wish to compete and grow their business over time. This robust, feature-rich solution is completely scalable and can be expanded to meet communications

needs now and in the future.


Scalable to assist growing businesses

The SV8100 functions alone or in a network and can expand to meet all of your business communication needs, including mission-critical data applications.


VoIP and traditional voice support

This system enables you to deploy a pure IP solution or any combination of IP and traditional circuit-switched technology. Customise the best communications solution for your business.


Enhanced centralised management

The SV8100 offers centralised management of phones, data systems and platforms; moves, adds and changes of SV8100 phones are quick and easy. Simply plug any phone into any socket wherever it’s needed. It’s ready to go!


Investment protection

Protect your technology investment while providing a migration path to pure IP. The SV8100 has the flexibility to support your existing traditional circuit-switched technology and can be fully utilized to run in a pure IP environment.


Productivity enhancement

The SV8100 delivers a full suite of advanced applications and a high-powered feature set to help businesses run smoothly. Workers can easily manage their calls, and the mobility that the SV8100 provides to staff, helps customers access your employees even while they are away from their desks.


Designed to be both versatile and scalable, the SV8100 meets a growing business’s needs. All communication methods are supported – whether IP, TDM, video, wired or wireless. Its

resources and features can be transparently shared between branches or remote locations by networking SV8100s, which provides a lower total cost of ownership.


Any SMB can benefit from the advanced applications that are supported by the SV8100. Three applications, SV8000 Series ACD, SV8000 Series InMail and the SV8000 Series Hospitality Management Solution, are embedded in the SV8100 for simplified license activation, These embedded programs provide comprehensive voicemail, automatic call distribution and

Hospitality features to enhance customer service and improve employee

productivity for businesses with five or five hundred employees. Additionally, the SV8100 offers a full range of advanced features to select from.


Diverse features and applications

The SV8100 streamlines communication for the entire organisation with its diverse suite of features and applications. It enables individuals, departments and locations to work more efficiently by ensuring seamless internal and external communications.


A wide range of tools to enhance mobility, such as cordless and wireless handsets and the SV8100 Desktop Suite are supported. Components of the Desktop Suite include:


                 • PC Attendant – significantly improves call management by enabling users to place a complete

                   attendant console on a PC

                 • PC Assistant – gives users the ability to manage and operate desktop phones from their PCs

                 • Softphones – provide convenient, cost-effective mobility


Windows®-based PC Pro provides centralised online HTMLbased programming access. With this intuitive browser software and its easy-to-follow wizards, programming is simplified and the

time needed to complete it is significantly reduced. The SV8100 provides converged communications – data, multimedia and voice – over one network. There is no need to run two sets of wires for voice and data; one wire does it all. Additionally, up to sixteen sites can be seamlessly linked together to share resources and features. Whether you are a small or medium-sized business, NEC’s SV8100 Communications Server provides the scalability and flexibility to meet all of your communication needs.

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